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May 10, 2024
Welcome, Community Educators

Welcome to Xplorlabs!    UL Research Institutes’ Xplorlabs aims to bring real-world safety science into the classroom. It is an open-access resource for middle and high school educators and students, as …

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May 7, 2024
Xplorlabs Educator Fellowship

The Office of Research Experiences & Education (OREE) believes that scientific inquiry in the context of real-world phenomena builds the foundation for a safer, more sustainable future where people are …

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March 2, 2023
Inspiring the Next Generation of Emergency Service Professionals

Camp Fury Delaware is not your typical summer camp; the 60 girls who attend spend their days preparing to fight fires, save lives and protect their communities. The three-day, two-night …

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The Science of Thermal Runaway

Engineering Solutions

From hoverboards to cell phones, portable electrical power makes life as we know it possible. But it can come with some dangerous possibilities. Let’s investigate, experiment and search for solutions.

The Science of Extraction to E-Waste

Trade-Offs & the Supply Chain

Safe and sustainable cities will depend on lithium-ion batteries to power our modern lives. But what are the costs?

The Science of Fire Forensics

Claims, Evidence and Reasoning

There’s been a fire. Your job is to figure out where the fire started, and how.

The Science of Fire Safety

Fire safety is a complex problem without a single answer. Learn how to engineer and design fire safe spaces.