ESS3.C: Human Impacts on Earth Systems

Through the resources students explore the cause-and-effect relationship between consumption of lithium-ion batteries and its impact on earth systems. Students explore methods for monitoring and minimizing this impact and construct explanations based on the knowledge and understanding they gain in the Extraction to E-Waste Pathway.

The Science of Thermal Runaway

Engineering Solutions

From hoverboards to cell phones, portable electrical power makes life as we know it possible. But it can come with some dangerous possibilities. Let’s investigate, experiment and search for solutions.

The Science of Extraction to E-Waste

Trade-Offs & the Supply Chain

Safe and sustainable cities will depend on lithium-ion batteries to power our modern lives. But what are the costs?

The Science of Fire Forensics

Claims, Evidence and Reasoning

There’s been a fire. Your job is to figure out where the fire started, and how.


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