Teacher Overview: The Science of Fire Forensics

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Teacher Overview – The Science of Fire Forensics (pdf, 437 KB)

Teacher overview provides an option for how instruction could flow using the fire forensics pathway. Links to additional resources and standards.


The Science of Fire Forensics pathway is designed to provide students with an understanding of core science ideas and fire dynamics so that they can interpret a fire scene and build a claim for the fire’s location of origin and cause.  The pathway contains videos, expert explanations, engaging interactives and opportunities for hands-on investigations.

This teacher overview represents a proposal for how instruction could flow using these resources; however, we honor and trust that teachers make the best decisions for their classroom. Use the hyperlinks within this document to explore the pathway and related resources to determine how you can use these flexible resources to meet your instructional goals. 

Be sure to explore the Student Pathway Guide that can be used to support students as they work through the pathway. 

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