Solve the Case

It’s time to put your knowledge and skills to the test! On this page, you will obtain evidence from a kitchen fire conducted in a large-scale fire lab by the Fire Safety Research Institute. Then, communicate your claim about the origin of the fire supported by evidence and reasoning.

Solve the Case

Asset: Solve the Case

Make a Claim

Your turn

Using the evidence you gathered on your solo investigation, make a claim about the origin of the fire. Use evidence you observed in the kitchen and scientific reasoning to tell the story of what you think happened in the kitchen.

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The origin (location) of the fire was…

Choose the best answer:

Countertop (left of stove)
Countertop (right of stove)
Gas Stove

The fire was caused by…

Choose the best answer:

Gas stove
Coffee maker
Wireless switch
Electrical outlet

What evidence did use to form your claim? (select all that apply)

Select all that apply:

Coffee maker
Burned potato chips
Charred mass of electronics
Glass coffee carafe
Lower cabinets
Countertop (left)
Upper cabinets
Line of demarcation (corner)
Line of demarcation (cabinet)
Line of demarcation (thermal plume)
Countertop (right)
Protected area

How does the evidence you observed explain where the fire started and/or spread? (fill in the blank) 

Use scientific knowledge you learned during the Science of Fire Forensics Pathway to explain how the evidence supports your claim.  Consider using terms like:

  • Temperature 
  • Gases 
  • Ventilation 
  • Chemical change 
  • Physical change 
  • Transformation of energy 
  • Chemical energy (fuel) 
  • Thermal energy (heat) 
  • Light energy 
  • Phase change 
Asset: Make a Claim

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