There's Been a Fire

Fire protection engineers and scientists conducted a burn in a large-scale fire lab. Your job will be to investigate the origin of this blaze, and build a claim supported with evidence and reasoning. Just like a real investigator!

Watch the video and scroll through this page to learn about the problem you will be exploring!


What did you notice in the kitchen scene that might help you determine how the fire started?

Do you have some initial claims about the origin of the fire?

What else do you need to understand so you can solve the case?  

To develop your understanding of fire investigation and fire science you will:

  • Enter the Investigators AcademyHere you will learn about the science of fire. This will be where you obtain and evaluate information that you will use to support an evidence-based claim.  
  • Watch a Guided Investigation – This is where you’ll learn how investigators work backwards to gather evidence and analyze patterns.  
  • Solve the Case – It’s time to conduct your own investigation. You’ll make a claim, supported by evidence and scientific reasoning. 

Ready to get started?


Investigators Academy